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It's been awhile since my last post...

The OSD and FC works great.   It flies well, is validated, designed for manufacture, and its schematic is available on this site.   But I paused its development/manufacture in early March.   I did not want to make the 2000 or so it would take to be price competitive to sell at hobby stores nor does selling only on this website seems feasible, not enough traffic. 

In March, I was unsure how Covid 19 was going to play out, but I knew the 2 now 3 trillion in stimulus (or 15% GDP) was going to be a big money grab for the rich and well connected.  (209 million adults in US * $1200 stimulus check = 8.3% of 3 trillion) 

A few months later and the shelter in place order is finally starting to lift, unemployment is very high,  riots on the streets because the police have no rules of engagement and are allowed to use tactics that lead to permanent brain damage or death in this case.  And an official Covid 19 death toll of over 100,000, that is likely under reported by 30-95% because of politics.

I am seeing a worrying increase in information asymmetry.   There is a lot of information out there, but it is difficult or impossible to find raw unbiased data.  For instance, I wanted to compare the deaths by month from all causes for the last five years to the data for this year.   This seems like a way to get an unbiased picture of the impact of CV19 but I could not find this info.  I only uncovered a WSJ article that looked like they also had similar issues.

As it stands, the flight controller hardware design is free to copy.   The OSD source will not be released.   I was planning on open sourcing it after 5,000 units were sold, but that will unlike happen.   I require this to avoid my work being credited to others.  I used the 3 made for my personal quad builds and order more as needed.  I have been working on a different non drone related project for the last couple of months.

We live in very uncertain and fast moving time, I may revisit this project if it makes sense in the future.