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Yet Another Flight Controller?

Maybe Not.


While TexHex contains the usual features found on other flight controllers;
- STM32F722RE4 Cortex M7 MCU.
- ICM-20602 6-Axis Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Temperature sensor.
- Four and a half USARTS.
- I2C port pins.
- Led Strip Pins.
- Beeper Pins.
- Camera Control pin or PPM Input.
and a few less common features;
- Six motor support.
- BMP280 barometric pressure sensor.
- SPI Flash for logging.

and a few unusual features;
- M7 SWD port, 0.1" pin spacing to make debugging BetaFlight a breeze.
- M0+ SWD port
- Open Hardware design, a full schematic available.

The thing that sets this flight controller apart from all other similar products is the advanced MCU based OSD system.

The barely secret, yet totally unknown OSD spices up your FPV feed by adding greyscale, graphics, interlace and more. SPI write compatibility so it is compatible with any BetaFlight build. 

Click for Schematic

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